Preparing Files for Print

General Artwork Preparation Guidelines

  1. Download our template/guide to ensure proper placement of images and text.
  2. Each order submitted including multiple paged projects MUST be submitted as a single PDF file. Please ensure that all pages have the proper orientation to ensure proper back up. They must also have bleed and make sure each page are all the same size.
  3. It is always a best practice to try to avoid using borders in your design. If a border is too close to the trim, the trim may be slightly off-center. Even a hairline difference can cause your design to look off centered.
  4. File must consist of a 1/16" bleed (books and magazines will require an 1/8”). All of the relevent graphics and text must be within the safety margin unless you intend to have part of it cut off(this is sometimes the desired effect, so please make sure it is done the way you would like it printed)
  5. Ensure that your PDF process colour (CMYK) and saved in high resolution. As a rule it is suggested all files should be saved at 300 DPI. Spot Colours and coating will need to be set up as such within the chosen layers. Additional charges will apply if applicable.
  6. We recommend that all black type should have the following values: C0, M0, Y0, K100.
  7. Make sure all of your fonts are properly embed or outline when saving your file as a PDF.
  8. In order to achieve the best colour results, it is important for you to supply your artwork as CMYK files. If your artwork is submitted as RGB, it will be converted to CMYK and may not match the colours you are expecting. Please note that all offset printed work is printed in CMYK or PMS and can not be produced in RGB unless converted. This is an automated process for us and we suggest if you are designing your files, you should also consider designing in CMYK mode instead of RGB.

See our FAQ page for more details.

Large Format Guidelines

  1. Although bleed is not required for large format projects, often it is preferred. When saving your artwork if you wish to have bleed, please add 1/8” to your canvas size.
  2. Please compress your file using a ZIP file compressor to reduce the file size and speed up the uploading process when submitting your orders.

Coated 1 Side (C1S) Guidelines

  1. Please follow the general artwork guidelines and…
  2. Be sure that the first page of your PDF file is the side that you want to be on the coated side of the card. Please keep in mind that the second page of your PDF will always be printed on the uncoated side.

Envelopes Guidelines

  1. Please use crop marks to help us align your logo placement. In the absence of crop marks, printing will be 3/8” from the top based on general industry standards for envelopes.
  2. All text must be within the safe margin. Envelope artwork cannot have bleed unless they have been custom quoted by our estimating department and if this is the case, the must be submitted as a custom upload order.
  3. Please make sure that you do not have creative or text 1/8” from any of the edges.

Numbered Tickets Guidelines

  1. In order to make sure your ticket order is numbered correctly, ensure that you include the following files:
    1. Your PDF file of your artwork (with no numbering in the artwork)
    2. Also include an excel or csv file containing list of numbers you will need printed on your tickets.
    3. Please make a mock up version of your artwork showing where and how you need the numbers placed. Please make sure this file is clearly labeled as a mocked up sample.

Variable Printing Guidelines

  1. In order to make sure your variable printing order is produced correctly, please ensure that you include the following files:
    1. Your PDF file of your artwork (without any variable text in it).
    2. Also include an excel or csv file containing list of variable data you need printed on your order.
    3. Please make a mock up version of your artwork showing where and how you need the variable data placed. Please make sure this file is clearly labeled as a mocked up sample.

Our Offset envelopes are printed flat on offset presses, then die cut and converted into envelopes. For Offset envelopes with bleed on the face or print on any flap, it is required that the artwork be placed on a Print Lounge Certified Envelope Template.

Envelopes are most commonly used for enclosing documents to be sent via the postal system.  There are many other uses such as pouches for hotels, jewelry, invites and a wide selection of other business and mailing needs.  We can manufacture custom envelopes as well as printing on envelopes directly.  Most envelopes have a logo and address on the front.  We can produce one or two colour envelopes or full colour if needed.  Plan and window envelopes are the most common types, while #10 envelopes are the most common size.  Security features may be required, in such cases airline envelopes are used and have a patterned added layer on the insides making it difficult to read the contents enclosed.  There are two main types of sealing options, one is glued and licked closed, while the other is a crack and peel option that seals without moisture.  Below you will find a partial list of standard American envelope sizes.  You will find many of these options in our ordering system, but other sizes can be ordered from our custom file upload link at the top of the page or you can get a custom envelope quote from the request quick link. 


Dimensions (in)

Dimensions (mm)


4⅜ × 5¾

111.1 × 146.1


4¾ × 6½

120.7 × 165.1


5¼ × 7¼

133.4 × 184.2


5½ × 8⅛

139.7 × 206.4


5¾ × 8¾

146.1 × 222.3


6 × 9½

152.4 × 241.3

No. 6¾

3⅝ × 6½

92.1 × 165.1

No. 7¾ (Monarch)

3⅞ × 7½

98.4 × 190.5

No. 9

3⅞ × 8⅞

98.4 × 225.4

No. 10

4⅛ × 9½

104.8 × 241.3

No. 11

4½ × 10⅜

114.3 × 263.5

No. 12

4¾ × 11

120.7 × 279.4

No. 14

5 × 11½

127.0 × 292.1

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#10 Envelope - No Window
#10 Envelope - Window
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